Water Fed Pole System

The past few years we have perfected our Water Fed Pole window cleaning system. This new system allows us to clean windows more safely, more efficiently and at a higher quality than before. In fact we can clean 5-6 storey buildings (55 feet) while standing on the ground.

This system also allows us to clean windows, siding, frames, signs and light panels.

How it works


First we start off with tap water from our shop. Our water goes through 3 different filtering systems to remove any chemicals, minerals or impurities. This leaves us with the purest water around.

Next we bring this water to each job site and pump it through our water fed poles and then use our soft bristle brushes to scrub the windows.

Then a final rinse and that's it. All the dirt gets flushed away with our specially designed poles that create a sheeting action that carries the dirt away from your windows and frames. When the water dries, your building is left virtually streak free and spotless. In fact it even shines because all the frames have been cleaned as well.

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